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More images and details are available. Stop by or ask us what is in the gallery at this time.


Unique, Hand Painted, Personalized Pottery

Gleena Tumbler Elephant.JPG
Gleena Fox.JPG

Gleena Studios

Glass samples
Small Bowls
Pinch Bowl with Glass
Squared Black and Cream Plate.
Wavy Edged Bowl
Rectangle Blue Platter
Lopsided Squared Bowl
Large Green Platter with Glass
Carved Rim Bowl

Kerry Brooks


Eartha Handmade Tile

Jean Meinhardt Vase
Jean Meinhardt Bowl
Jean Meinhardt Bowl
Jean Meinhardt Vase

Jean Meinhardt

Ed and Kate Coleman Vases
Ed and Kate Coleman Mugs

Ed and Kate Coleman

Laurie Polpieter Eskanazi Heart
Laurie Polpieter Eskanazi Hamsa
Laurie Polpieter Eskanazi Heart

Lauri Polpeter Eskanazi

Clay House Pots

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