March 12, 2020

It is truly my belief that we will get through this surprising nightmare. Spring will come, we will go outdoors and breathe fresh air, we will wave to our friends and eventually - with love, caring, vigilance and perseverance - we will come together again fearlessly and continue on in our connected life. Please stay well and check on your neighbors. Safe home, Lorene

That being said,

We are open and we would love your support

Lots of small businesses are facing significant losses as traffic slows or possibly stops entirely during this outbreak. Independent retail shops like ours really need your support right now, and we're grateful for your continued business.


Hudson Art & Framing and the shops on Main Street are all open as of Thursday, March 12. The Town of Hudson and Massachusetts Department of Public Health have not yet recommended retail closures, and have advised that the risk of transmission in our immediate area still appears low. Our shop will remain open as long as we feel it is safe; we will follow all guidance from the CDC and Mass DPH.

We are being very vigilant about hand washing. Our staff is washing their hands after every transaction and always before working at the framing counter. We routinely sanitize door handles throughout the day.


None of our framers have or will come to work if they feel ill or if they or any immediate family member have symptoms of any illness. We hope that Hudson and our customers will do the same.

Updates from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health are available

on the Commonwealth's website here.

If you don't want public interaction,

please call and we will be happy to set up a private appointment.

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April 7