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Suzy Becker is openly bipetual. Binky, the muse for her international bestseller, was her first cat. Suzy believes she wouldn't have been inspired to write All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat if she hadn't grown up around dogs.
Paperback, 1994

While the cat book still topped bestseller lists, Suzy was often asked whether she would write All I Need to Know from My Dog next. She vowed not to; it's too hard to think of 100 things you can learn from your dog when "Eat your own throw up" is the first one that comes to mind.

My Dog's the World's Best Dog is a love letter to dogs for dog people. Wylie, the subject of the book, was the first dog Suzy "owned" (paid for by Binky). She was a chocolate lab. Mister, Suzy's current dog, is a flat coat retriever. He thinks the book was written about him. Your dog will, too.   

My Dog's the World's Best Dog