or the first twenty-three years of her life, Suzy Becker was sure she would have at least two babies. Then it took another fifteen years to decide to go ahead and have just one. One Good Egg is the funny, warmhearted story of her journey to fertility and becoming a mom, illustrated throughout with hundreds of her clever and charming cartoons. Hardcover, 2013

One Good Egg: An Illustrated Memoir

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  • Suzy Becker found professional success in her twenties, and by her thirties, she decided she had everything she needed—the home, the savings, the friends, the family, and the gumption—to have a baby alone. At age thirty-nine, she joined the ranks of the six million women who need medical help to conceive. In One Good Egg, she chronicles her travels through the maze of fertility treatments, constantly considering and reconsidering how far she was willing to go, inwardly convinced none of it would ever work. She learned she was pregnant on her way to tape an essay for NPR, and five months later married her true love. You cannot adequately prepare for certain realities, like giving birth or parenthood, but with One Good Egg, Suzy Becker provides the perfect companion for her readers’ own journeys to motherhood and beyond.

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