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Donna Dufault

The Worn Spoon Project

Each spoon was found...

Among piles at yard sales, antique stores, even in the dirt along the sides of the roads.

At some point in their lives, each spoon was once shiny and new. Each had purpose. Sometimes it was among a set for a beautiful table setting for a holiday dinner or perhaps in the hands of a young newlywed. All these spoons we once assets to be cherished. Some sets were passed down from previous generations and considered riches.

Some spoons lived in drawers for years, tarnishing and languishing from in use. Some became scratched, dented, and haggard from daily use.

Even though they have lived battered, over worked lives and have been left deteriorating, or even ruined through use and or disuse. In these photos, I work and play to give these spoons a renewed life. I see their beauty. That will endure here. I will keep them in their well-worn state. It’s the spoons patina or the tarnish that makes them shabby or pitted. They look exhausted, and these are the ones that I love. They are quite lovely to me.

Once found, I began surrounding them with other bits and pieces found on beaches, among yards, in stores, in long forgotten storage places. Some of these pieces are from different parts of the world and have lived their own sweet lives.

In these photos, the spoon’s, have a new life. It’s a life where they get looked at again, and with a new focus they certainly have become, to me anyway, aesthetically valuable again. 

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