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Hudson Walks

Everyone is outdoors and walking on Main Street and it is wonderful to see. I love the flow and easy pedestrian access of our new rotary! Come downtown, Walk around and greet your neighbors on the new wide sidewalks. Visit the parks. Walk beyond Main Street and see the town.

Park far away and enjoy the stroll.

Below is what I used to say and it is coming true. Time passes and things change.
There is FREE on-street parking (2 hours). Other  parking:
- behind the fire station (across the street)
- on Felton Street (nice hill)
- on Church Street (visit the Town Hall)
- on South Street ( stop by Harvard Sweet boutique)
- at the other end of Main Street to tour the town
-park in a Rail Trail lot and walk the trail to town

When I was a girl...

(do I sound like your grandmother?)

​My mother taught me to give my seat on the bus someone who needed it more and I still do. That's how I think parking should work as well.

We think nothing of walking from wherever we have to park at the mall, walking to the mall, walking around to all the stores, and then walking all the way back to the car, but for some reason when we are downtown we need to find a spot right in front of our destination.

Let's change our point of view together!


If you can walk, enjoy it and leave the closest spots for those that can't. I hope sometime soon it can be a point of pride that... Hudson Walks

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