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More items and details are available. Stop by or ask us what is in the gallery or available at this time.

Overlapping Hearts necklace detail
Overlapping Hearts necklace.JPG
Flower Pendant.JPG
Painted heart necklace.JPG
Gemsquares bracelet.JPG
Geo-shapes dangles.JPG
Heart charm bracelet.JPG
Hammered circles bracelet.JPG
Heart circles bracelet.JPG
Heart squares.JPG
Hinged drops.JPG
Hinged Bracelet- another view of the same bracelet 2.JPG
Hinged bracelet.JPG
Hinged Bracelet- another view of the same bracelet.JPG
QT's earrings Half circles.JPG
Rivet bangle.jpg
Sterling Chain detail.JPG
Sterling Chain.JPG
Sterling hammerchain bracelet.JPG
Sterling heart painting necklace.JPG
Sterling dome bangle.jpg
Sterling charm bangle.JPG
Stitched hearts.JPG
Suzy's circle necklace.JPG
Thin stone bangle, This looks good when two are worn as a pair.jpg
Toggle Chain Bracelet.JPG
Toggled Dome Necklace. Slightly closer with domes moved a bit.JPG
Von B (Detail- connector also included with bangle) Bangle with twisted brass ov
Von B Bangle comes with 3 interchangeable mixt metal ovals.JPG
 Robin Lee Becker
Ruth KirkpatrickHanlon
Michelle Pressler
Michelle Pressler
Michelle Pressler
Michelle Pressler
  Michelle Pressler 
 Ayala Bar 
Julie Shaw
hawkhouse necklaces
raw fluorite
raw emerald
raw amethyst
beach pebbles
agate necklaces
 Hawk House 
Michael Michaud
   Silver Seasons  
Moonglow Meteor
Moon Necklace
Moon Necklace
garnet bar necklace
Raw Diamond Necklace
Raw Diamond stick necklace
Raw Diamond Bar Necklace
 Original Hardware 
 Lots of Earrings 
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