Peace on earth

and goodwill to all

Want Santa painted on your roof?

Get on Will's Nice List.

                                                                                                       oil painting by Will Kirkpatrick (sold)

Here's Will's story...

I’d like to share a Christmas experience. Last Christmas Eve, after friends had left and everyone was in bed, I was finishing up a few odd items before turning in myself. There were two bags of trash to bring to the barrel in the back and after depositing them, I remembered that in the hubbub of the day, we had not collected the mail from the box out front. The snow was deep and I drudged through it to the street, opened the box and fished out the mail, and turned to come in. To my amazement, this is what I saw!

I froze in my tracks. fearful of startling them. They were off and away in very few seconds. I don’t think they noticed me. I recovered, brought in the mail and went to bed. I mentioned the experience to no one, I was exhausted at the time and thought my mind may have been playing tricks on me and I did not want to be taken as an old man with failing mental faculties. Which, unfortunately, I am. So over the next few months, I decided to recreate what I saw from memory. The above is my exact remembrance. 

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