Lorene 2020

We have been opening slowly

and with the recent rise of

covid-19 cases in Massachusetts

we seem to be holding in that pattern

We miss all of you!

Lorene will be in the shop

Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 - 3:00

These are temporary hours, I am always in the area

and am happy to make morning or evening appointments


Masks and Social Distancing are required!


                       Lorene says,

I apologize, all of us are working in the shop,  but I am the only person

interacting with customers at this time and I can only wait on one person at a time, so

all framing has to be by appointment

Please put your Phone number in appointment request emails


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At the NEW Rotary

new hours:

opening really slowly

Tues - Sat -  11 - 3

some rules apply