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If I could just find a place to park...

When I was a girl...

My mother and I would give up our seats on the bus to people who needed them more. That's become my approach to parking. Give up the spots to those who need them more.

It’s not so radical— we think nothing of walking from our cars to the mall entrance, walking around to all the stores, and then walking back to the car. You don’t have to give up your appreciation of the sweet spots right out front— just leave them for someone else.

So many studies have been done about the parking in Hudson. Ample parking is not coming soon - we'll always need more, but we can change our attitudes today. Right now.

Let’s make it a point of town pride... Hudson Walks!

Free parking/Massive steps!

Put on your Fitbit and come to Hudson!

Should 15,000 Steps a Day Be Our New Exercise Target?

- New York Times

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