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25 Wonderful Years

Twenty-five years ago today I opened my doors. I stood behind the desk and waited. To my surprise and joy I had customers!

So many amazing people have come through the door to Hudson Art & Framing. I married one of them. I hired others. I've shown the work of many more.

It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to help you display and preserve your precious art, heirlooms, kids' art, and so much more. We have loved hearing the wonderful stories behind each piece. You have all become part of the Hudson Art family and have made us part of yours. I feel lucky and grateful for this "family" business, and to be able to say with conviction, after all these years, "I love my job." Good years and bad years, it has been a long and wonderful adventure on Hudson Main Street.

Hudson Art could never have been possible without Ruth Hanlon, Jennifer Boyle, Carol Sharrigan, Debby Ahearn, Joni Bergen, Kristin Sweeney, Cherryl Comas, all the part-time high school girls and boys, and so many more friends and family who helped us over the years.

This photo was taken in December 1992 at our ribbon cutting. The sign was hand painted by Charlie Groves. We were at 24 Main Street for a little over two years before we moved to the Oddfellows building.

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